With the tradition of producing synthetic or forcedly ripen fruits and vegetables rising, it is becoming quite tough to keep healthy diet of their family. The exact same natural items used to imbibe immunity and ensure well being of individuals are proving to be ineffective due to recent outburst in malpractices in foods throughout the planet. The only efficient reply to this ill-practices is to decide on organic foods.

What are organic foods?

The food that’s the output of organic farming is called as organic food. The organic farming does not suggest use of synthetic pesticides or harmful substances while they are commonly utilized in traditional farming for growing and processing of vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy. Only natural elements are used in organic farming and when needed, minute quantities of artificial additives are imparted.

How are organic products different from traditional foods?

The production of the food products i.e. organic and conventional is completely different. The former utilizes natural ingredients whereas the latter absorbs artificial or chemical mixtures. The differences between the two types of farming are listed below

1) Organic food growing utilizes natural fertilizers such as manures, cow dung, etc while conventional foods inject chemical fertilizers to boost development in plants and animals.

2) Organic farming requires ECO-Friendly steps like crop rotation, hand weed or cover to protect crops from the undesirable weed. Contrarily, traditional farming sprays herbicides to eliminate the daunting weed.

3) For keeping plants from natural dangers like insect infestation, Organic farming utilizes natural insecticides spray, birds & insects which feed on the intruders or put nets to prevent pests from getting into the farmland. On the other hand, orthodox farming utilize synthetic insecticide sprays to protect plants from insects.

4) If creature acquires disease, organic farming uses natural methods like rotational grazing, leaving the infected animal in open environment, etc.. To shield them from getting disease, the farmers take preventive measures like providing them a clean balance diet, maintaining the home tidy and neat, etc.. Traditional farming treatment infected animals by injecting hormones, antibiotics, veterinary medications, etc to make him healthy and boost their development.

It’s thought that organic foods are healthy and taste better than traditionally grown vegetables and fruits. To know the fact, studies have been conducted regularly to assess if they make any difference.